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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

M.A.E.: You Got Served

“Someone called from the lodge today,” M.A.E. told me Friday evening. “She said a cop was up there looking for me.”

I reacted swiftly and decisively: “Huuhhh?? Why would a cop be looking for you?”

“I don’t know, unless my mom is pulling something again. Everything is OK with the probation officer, and I know I haven’t done anything to get arrested.”

“Could be.” I once described M.A.E.’s mother as “a serious piece of work,” and nothing has happened since to change my mind. “But she can’t have you arrested without some evidence of a crime... you think she’s having papers served on you?”

“That’s probably it,” M.A.E. agreed. “She called me and gave me a bunch of crap about how I need to stay away from my sister, blah blah blah...”

Sometimes, you just need to bite the bullet. M.A.E. is brave, or really believes in the system: she marched into the sheriff’s office today and asked why the deputies were looking for her. About 10 minutes later, they got it together and handed her a restraining order that accuses her, among other things, of being on meth 24/7 and violent. I’m 95% sure she’s not on meth at all, let alone 24/7, and 100% sure she’s not violent. So she’s going to get a drug test, which will put the lie to SPOW (Serious Piece Of Work) and likely get her zapped for making false statements or even perjury.

I’m not impressed with M.A.E.’s past. But she’s trying to put that past behind her for good and live the life of a respectable citizen, and that does impress me. I just don’t understand why someone — especially a relative — would try to throw wrenches in that.


  1. I think my Mom is on meth sometimes, she's always right and everyone's wrong, she's like Maude, very strong headed. I guess you get that way from raising 3 boys, even though the youngest boy was very sweet.

  2. The police just step over the line way too much. This young woman put her past behind her, can't they see that! Those stupid police officers just target the people who they don't like, and let jerky politicians and corporate criminals do things as they watch. The police just have no forgiveness, no morality, really, let the poor girl clean up her life and live on! Those stupid police officers are such dictators, really, not to rant, but sometimes they step beyond protecting the community into putting the iron fist on it. I appreciate the work the police do, but sometimes even the long arm of the law needs to have its limits. You can't just go up and look for somebody without clear cut total evidence that they are doing something, for that is the Consitutional way, but I suppose nobody really cares about what our country was founded on anymore anyway. Really though, the police can't just let her mother guide them into arresting her, she sounds like a piece of work. Before I say anymore though, I can't judge much. It sounds like that girl has had a troubled past, but really, I think if she has come over it, she needs to be able to do so. Bottom line, our legal system cares too much about punishment and not about the individuals, and that is wrong. Behind every person on probation there is a story of substance abuse or something of the like, and the perp can't be blamed for that, for nobody I knew ever picked up drugs without some bad influence around them.

  3. Hugs Larry, to you and yours... That sounds like it has to be hard to deal with...

  4. It really is hard I think. I second what Shermanesque said. After my lengthy post, I thought it better to take the time to pray for your son's girlfriend and her problems. What kind of a parent would purposely send the police out for their own daughter? That is sad, that really is a sad reflection on our society. Families turning against each other.

  5. Solar, yeah, I can relate... um... maybe a little more closely than usual?

    Austin, the cops (in this case) were just doing their job. SPOW gave a statement and asked for a restraining order; they have to serve the papers whether they agree or not. I have seen some overzealous police work, involving a nephew & the son of a friend, but their stories are perhaps for another time.

    Sherm, thanks for the hugs & good thoughts. It’s something we’ll get through. Maybe SPOW has overreached this time, and she won’t be pulling stuff like this in the future (sound familiar?).


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